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It's time to ride!

  • Online reservations required. Each admission ages 3 and above is $6.
  • Everyone ages 3 and older needs an admission ticket even if they do not plan to ride.
  • Four, one-hour blocks of reservation times are available on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Building capacity is limited.
  • Unlimited rides during the one-hour reservation. Others will also be riding during your hour - no exclusive reservations.
  • We strongly recommend masks even if you are vaccinated.
  • Please read our FAQ section before visiting and if you have further questions, please give us a call at 269-932-1141. 


Does the Carousel sell masks? The Carousel does sell adult masks for $10 each in the gift shop and we accept cards or cash. We will also have disposable masks for $1.

Do I need to be vaccinated before visiting the Carousel? No, however, we strongly encourage anyone ages 3 and up to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status.

I haven’t reserved a time, can I walk in? The only way to visit the Carousel is via an online reservation. Reservations can be made ahead of time or on a mobile device outside the Carousel before entering.

Can I get a refund if I can’t make it to my reservation? Reservations are non-refundable. If you or someone in your party is feeling ill the day of your reservation, we will be happy to reschedule your visit at no charge.

Will anyone else be riding the carousel when my group is? Reservations are not exclusive to your party. There will be other parties present during your time slot, although total visitor numbers are reduced during these times.

Will my party be the only group there during my time slot? Reservations are not exclusive to your party. There will be other parties present during your time slot, although total visitor numbers are reduced.

Will the Refreshment Stand be open? The Refreshment Stand will offer beverages, fresh popcorn and cotton candy along with Dippin' Dots and other treats to enjoy.

Will the Brass Ring Gift Shop be open? Yes! Just make sure to shop around sooner rather than later during your time slot.

How many rides do I get with my reservation? As many times as you can get on a figure in an hour! Ride after ride after ride! We have streamlined boarding the Carousel to reduce wait times between rides.

How many people can be in my group? As many as you’d like!

Is the cost per group or person? Each person in your group over 3 years of age must pay an $6 reservation fee when purchasing your ticket online. All group members must enter at once, together. Please have your ticket printed or pulled up on your phone when you arrive!

Can I use my tokens for my reservation fee? No, but hang onto those tokens as we will go back to the token model once the situation improves! Remember, they never expire!

What cleaning measures are taking place? Between the open sessions, our volunteers will take 30 minutes to clean high-touch areas while the air conditioning system circulates fresh air into the building. Hand sanitizer stations are also available in the Carousel building.

Will interactive displays be open? Our photo booth, miniature train display, and Zandini Fortune Teller will all be operating along with a new Penny Smasher machine with four new dies!

Why are you making changes? With the Carousel being such a popular spot all summer long and the pandemic continuing, the Silver Beach Carousel Society has chosen to limit traffic coming in and out of the Carousel House. Using reservation time slots helps us keep track of our visitors for contract tracing purposes, control the capacity and plan staffing better. With a staffing and volunteer shortage, pre-reservations help the Carousel know how to staff properly for the amount of people coming in and help us manage personnel better. Your reservation fee ensures we can pay for the staffing needed during the time slot while also giving riders an unlimited riding experience.

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Get in touch!

(269) 932-1141
333 Broad Street
St. Joseph, MI 49085

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