Frequently asked questions

First time visiting The Silver Beach Carousel? We want your day with us to be as smooth as possible. Check out the questions below for useful information ahead of your visit. If you have other questions, please contact us!

  • How long is the ride? The ride lasts approximately 4 minutes. 
  • What is the ride schedule? There is no schedule that the ride operates on. It’s based on how busy the Carousel is that day.
  • Where do I get my tickets? The Carousel uses tokens instead of tickets. You pay one token per ride, and you can get them at the Brass Ring Gift Shop.
  • How fast does the Carousel go? That depends on where you sit! The outside row of figures rotate at 6 mph (miles per hour), 5 mph in the middle and 4 mph on the inside. 
  • Do you have accessibility accommodations? We want to make sure everyone can enjoy the Carousel. That’s why we have accommodations for all kinds of riders. There are chariots for parents with babies or young children and figures that don’t go up and down. The Carousel is also barrier-free and wheelchair accessible. 
  • How much are tokens? The current cost is $4 per token, but check the up-to-date pricing page. You’ll find bulk purchase options, Refreshment Stand costs and other attraction prices. 
  • What are your hours? Please see our current hours.