Silver Beach Carousel Pricing

There are so many fun things to experience at the Silver Beach Carousel! From riding the carousel and watching history come to life to the refreshments and interactive attractions — there is much to enjoy. Start planning your visit with the pricing guide below.

PLEASE NOTE: All pricing is subject to change.

Token Pricing

It only takes one token to ride the Silver Beach Carousel! Single tokens can be purchased in the Brass Ring Gift Shop, but we know you'll want to experience the joy of the carousel more than once, so we have deals on multiple rides. These tokens never expire. If you don’t use them all, no worries — just come visit us again! 

  • 1 token: $4
  • 3 tokens: $10
  • 7 tokens: $20

Please note: All riders under 42” must have an adult standing with them, but you only need to purchase a token for the rider.

Refreshment stand at the Silver Beach Carousel

Refreshment Stand

Once you take a ride on the Silver Beach Carousel, treat yourself to some refreshments! Here is our current Refreshment Stand menu:

  • Popcorn: $1.50
  • Cold Drinks (Water or Soft Drink): $1.50
  • Dippin' Dots: $4
  • Slush Puppies: $1.75
  • Cotton Candy: $4.25
  • Caramel Corn: $2.25
  • Apple Juice: $1.25
  • Animal Crackers: $1.25

Kids enjoying looking at the Silver Beach Carousel Diorama.

Other Pricing

In addition to the carousel and refreshments, explore the history of Silver Beach Amusement Park, document your memories and even get a fortune from The Great Danzini! Here are the costs for these additional experiences:

  • Gum ball machine: 25 cents
  • Photo booth: $5
  • Silver Beach Amusement Park Diorama: 25 cents or a token
  • Train display: 25 cents or a token
  • The Great Danzini: $1