Silver Beach Carousel Photography & Video Policy

Please follow these guidelines when capturing photos or videos inside the Silver Beach Carousel. 

  1. Please feel free to take photos and videos on personal mobile devices. 
  2. Professional photographers and videographers may only take photos/videos during a Private Carousel Rental or paid photo/video opportunity. 
  3. Walk-in or previously arranged professional photography/videography: 
    • Requires payment of $100 photo opportunity fee, purchase of tokens and a signed agreement. Please see Carousel Operator for more information. 
    • Requires payment $25 photo opportunity fee for Senior pictures, purchase of tokens and a signed agreement. Please see Carousel Operator for more information. Is limited to 20 persons attending with professional photographer/videographer. 
  4. Purchases of large token quantities for walk in or previously arranged photography opportunities is not permitted. 
  5. No photography or videography is permitted for commercial use.

A group of people getting their photo taken.

Examples of what is allowed

  1. You can take photos and videos on your phone to capture your visit to the Carousel. You cannot do that as a photoshoot with a client.
  2. You can take a photo of a Carousel figure you like and share it with friends on social media. You cannot sell the photo for monetary gain.
  3. You can pay ahead of time and sign the agreement for a private carousel rental to take wedding, engagement or senior photos. You cannot stop by on a whim while on a shoot for photos during a public ride.

The Silver Beach Carousel is privately owned as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) corporation. The Carousel receives no funding support from any public entity, including the City of St. Joseph. The fees for taking photographs/videos during a public ride help us cover the year-round operation and maintenance costs of our million-dollar attraction.