Accessible fun at the Silver Beach Carousel

Why is the Silver Beach Carousel one of the happiest places in Southwest Michigan? We like to think it’s because it is one of the most inclusive, fun destinations you will find. No matter your age —  your size — your physical, mobility or cognitive abilities, or sensory sensitivities — this is your house. You will smile, laugh and take home memories that will bring you back to make more with us all year round. 

Come feel the joy!

Accessible fun at the Silver Beach Carousel

Barrier-free accessibility lets everyone ride and play.

If your mode of moving is a wheelchair, walker, crutches, cane or other mobility device — we will make it as easy as pie for you to go for a spin. Our aisles are wide and our floor is smooth — no slopes, no bumps, no crutch-catching cracks. 

Our greeters will guide you to an entrance where you can easily roll inside the fence that wraps around the Carousel. Then the fun begins! 

  • If you feel silly or extra playful, ask to see our choices of hats, wands, pinwheels and more to help you dress up or your ride. 
  • Next, pick which figure or chariot you want to mount. The inside aisle around the Carousel deck is wide enough to roll along to see each of your choices. 
  • Most of our 48 hand-carved figures go up and down, but a few are standers so there’s no motion other than going round and round. Choose one that you are comfortable riding. There are also two chariots. 
    • The Peacock Chariot has a bench seat that rocks back and forth, nice and easy. All ages, from babies to 100+-year-olds like this one!
    • The Sea Serpent Chariot has a stationary bench seat. You can transfer from your wheelchair to sit on the bench or roll your wheelchair onto the platform and we will strap it in securely — no need for you to leave your chair. Listen for the bell! Within seconds, you will happily be whirling underneath 1,000 twinkling lights.
    • We have a portable ramp so you can roll or walk up onto the Carousel deck. If you can ride a figure, we have a stepladder or can offer a hand to help you mount or dismount your favorite. No one has to miss taking a ride. 
    • The outside perimeter of the Carousel House and the gift shop have lots of activities that are fun for all abilities and sensory sensitivities. Watch a miniature train chug through a seasonally decorated layout. Set in motion a diorama that brings the historic Silver Beach Amusement Park to life — you will even catch a whiff of hamburgers grilling on the Midway. Roll or walk up to the refreshment stand for fresh-popped corn, cotton candy, caramel corn, drinks and more goodies. Play checkers or color pictures of the figures. Laugh at yourself in the Fun House mirrors or cuddle in our rocking chairs. Host a celebration in our barrier-free party room. Then go outside and play games on the patio. 
    • In the middle of our Silver Beach Center is an extra-wide, smooth indoor boardwalk that takes you to our barrier-free bathrooms, entrances to the Silver Beach Carousel, Shadowland on Silver Beach ballroom and Curious Kids’ Discovery Zone. Just outside our main entrance is a parking lot with designated handicapped spots. 

Bring sensory-sensitive children, teens and adults to take a spin, too.

If you or someone you know is neurodivergent, give the Carousel a try. We are a friendly place for those with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) dyspraxia or anyone who is comfortable with medium to high stimulation. 

We play lively band organ music inside the Carousel House. If you or your child is uncomfortable with an array of sounds, before you get on your figure or chariot, ask the staff for headphones or earplugs to make the ride quieter. Should you or your sensory-sensitive companion become stressed, no worries. We are an easy place to leave or change to a lower-stimulation activity. 

the Whirlpool Compass Fountain is just a short walk from the Carousel

Two more must-visit, accessible destinations are a short roll or walk away.

At the Carousel, you are across the street from the Whirlpool Compass Fountain. Open from May until the last Sunday in September, it is Southwest Michigan’s largest splash pad. Bring a towel, swimsuit or change of clothes and get wet. Water cannons shoot jets of refreshing water 35 feet into the air every 15 minutes, and smaller streams cool off splashers in between. Your biggest challenge while visiting this free, accessible entertainment spot is convincing your family or friends to leave.

Down the street is Silver Beach County Park. It has a barrier-free walkway that runs from the parking lot, along the beachfront and throughout the park. Using this walkway, you can reach the Dunes Pavilion (a picnic spot), Shadowland Pavilion (an entertainment and wedding venue) and the South Pier. For easy access to the water, reserve a free beach wheelchair at the park office next to the barrier-free restrooms. 

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